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Regen Ag Ecosystem

What is Regen Ag Ecosystem?

We are a peer-to-peer regenerative agriculture and soil health community filled with activists, enthusiasts, farmers, ag tech, basically anyone who is committed to transforming agriculture into producing resilient, nutrient dense food. 💪

Why We Created This Community

We created The Regen Ag Ecosystem app for you to: 

🌟Plug into a supportive, encouraging soil health community beyond your area. 

🍉Connect with other folks to discuss relevant, timely topics about regenerative agriculture, soil health and many related topics. So many things don’t have easy or obvious answers… and not everything can be Googled! 

👑Help us create the largest collection of stories, experiences, and practical ideas for farmers, farmer advisors and those who care about soil health today. 

🧲Tap into a renewable source of energy generated by curious folks like you. There is always more to learn and more to share! 

🌳And above all, find inspiration and reassurance here. We're in this together, and we believe it's up to us to create positive change in our local communities and region.


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